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Blistering Song of the Day: Mr Bungle's "Goodbye Sober Day"

By: Sara Heitman

Mr. Bungle – “Goodbye Sober Day”
From 1999’s California (Warner Bros.)

Typical to Mr. Bungle form, "Goodbye Sober Day" is an obscure mixture of genres, blended together to create an entertaining and well composed song. From California, the most recent album released by Mr. Bungle (yet the first album ever heard by yours truly), "Goodbye Sober Day" is the finale of this ten-track treasure trove of creativity. What attracted me to "Goodbye Sober Day," at first, was the sequence of kecak chanting seamlessly integrated toward the end. The kecak is part of Balinese culture, and is used to depict a battle from the Balinese adaptation of the epic, Ramayana. It is exhilarating to witness live, and equally delightful to pick up in modern-day, experimental music.

Good luck trying to find more clarity from the song's lyrics; they are just as inexplicable. Much like mind-altering substances, perhaps this song is a way to escape reality. Just slip into a drug-induced coma and relax for a while. "The years grew wings and flew away." If you are into anything experimental, chances are you will appreciate "Goodbye Sober Day" as well as Mr. Bungle, in general.


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