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Evemaster – On Hallowed Ground

By: David E. Gehlke

Blistering.com: Describe the working relationship between you and Jarno. In what ways to you complement each other?

Well, I make all the music and lyrics and mostly all the vocals arrangements as well. I'll give a demo for Jarno and then he rehearses the stuff and makes changes if needed. Lately I've been asking Jarno to give me more feedback and ideas and I'm actually thinking of forcing him to work on the vocal arrangements himself. As we've been in a same band and similar situation for so many years, I quite well know how Jarno does his vocals so I can think if his breathing and all. So, I'm quite happy that I have this very good vocalist in my inner circle and he's even happy to work with me. Back in the old days, we always said that I was the artist of the band and Jarno was the secretary handling snail mail stuff and promotion and mailing out tapes and stuff. Nowadays, that's changed because of the internet.

Blistering.com: You had some very notable guest spots on the album, including Dan Swano, Markus Vanhala, and Ville Sorvali. How did you get these guys on the album?

Markus and Ville are both old friends who just were interested and available when needed. With Dan it was a bit different thing. When he was re-starting his studio [Unisound], my friend Aki Nuopponen (ex-Korroosio, Imperiumi.net, Inferno Magazine) told me about Dan re-starting the studio and gave me Dan's contacts. So, I contacted him and asked about Evemaster-project and he was of course straight into it. But as you can read from above, the Evemaster stuff took a long time to be ready for Dan, so in the period in betwee,n he worked on Battlelore's The Last Alliance album. And after III, he also did the latest Battlelore album, Doombound.

Blistering.com: Per the previous question, Swano’s vocal slot on “New Age Dawns” is one of the album’s highlights. Was that part written with him specficially in mind?

No, it was not written for him. I did it myself first. I was supposed to work with Kjetil Nordhus of Green Carnation with the clean vocals on the album, but it just didn't happen. So, when I was ready to send the stuff to Dan for mixing, I just asked him if he was up to it. And it didn't take many days when he sent the first mix with his vocals and it was GODLY. I love his vocals on the album. They are so frigging great. Like I told you before, I almost cried when I heard the first mix.

Blistering.com: The album has a distinct melodic angle, but a strong traditional death metal feel as well. Which side of Evemaster do you prefer?

I don't really know. I can hear myself and my niches on that album and pretty much all the music I write for Battlelore as well. It just comes out like that. When we started I "overdid" all the melodic stuff to work with Jarno's not-so-melodic vocals and it has stayed with me since. To be honest, I'm now kind of thinking about a different angle on the next album as arranging the songs for live situation has been a pain as there is so much stuff going on the album that it would need four guitars to do it on stage. That's why I've been thinking to tone it down a bit on the next album, but we'll see what happens. Now that I said it, probably next album has dozens of layers of guitar on it ha-ha!

Blistering.com: You did some live gigs a few years, so do you have any additional ones planned?

At the moment, no. I don't actually see the reason why we should play live at the moment. If we would get some gigs abroad I would consider it, but playing in Finland is not needed at the moment. We'd need a new album for that. But as I said, now that the album is released worldwide I do see the reasoning for gigging abroad. But no, we do not have any planned or in sight. We haven't rehearsed in almost a year or so and as I moved away from the other guys, it'd have been a bit hard to arrange rehearsals. If we do play some gigs I'd like to add some visuals and stuff to it so that there would be a bit more than four overweight guys rocking and one fit guy screaming on it ha-ha!

Blistering.com: Have you started to think about a follow-up to III? And if so, what can we expect?

I have started coming up with ideas. I have a few ideas recorded already and I can say that there's something that is "ordinary Evemaster" for me and then there's something that we've never done before and then there is something leaning towards the darker side of things like I told you before. I don't have any whole song ready yet. Lyrically I actually have quite a lot of stuff written down and it's not going to be a "story-like" album like III but I'd still say it's going to be a concept album anyways.

Blistering.com: Finally, what’s on the agenda for the rest of 2012?

I need to come up with the ideas and start putting them on tape. I actually have talked with Enkku that we'd work a bit differently this time around and he'll have quite a free hands coming up with the drum-parts. We'll see how that will turn out. Hopefully we will have the next album demoed towards the end of the year and can start recording of the follow-up to III next year.

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