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Blistering Song of the Day: Vicious Rumors' "Lady Took A Chance"

By: Matt Coe

Vicious Rumors - "Lady Took A Chance"
From 1988's Digital Dictator (Shrapnel Records)

Back when thrash was all the rage in the Bay Area, this five piece quietly put traditional power metal on the worldwide map. Guitarists Geoff Thorpe and Mark McGee made for quite the axe tandem, peeling off a series of rhythms and solos in this mid-tempo anthem in the best Judas Priest-like manner, and the long lost vocal phenomenon Carl Albert got to use all areas of his multi-octave range and screaming ability.

Still kicking around in another incarnation and impressing audiences from Europe to the Far East, Vicious Rumors is one of the most underrated American metal acts through the years in my opinion. What I love about this song is the persistent low rhythm motion, the twin solo action that comes in and out to spice up the musical arrangement and the obvious vocal hook that invites call and response audience participation in any live setting. Come on Mike Varney - the world needs a proper re-issue of this classic album!


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