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Blistering Song of the Day: Morbid Angel's "Day of Suffering"

By: Mike Sloan

Morbid Angel - "Day of Suffering"
From 1991's Blessed Are the Sick (Earache)

Remember the days when Morbid Angel could literally do no wrong? They had their legendary Abominations of Desolation demo and their (un)godly Altars of Madness debut but Morbid Angel hit it out of the park with Blessed Are the Sick. It’s a perfect album in terms of atmosphere, precise drumming, evil riffs, and sinister lyrics sung perfectly. To me, Blessed Are the Sick will always be these Floridian legends’ finest hour.

The crown jewel of the album is “Day of Suffering,” a song that destroys the listener with one of the heaviest, most bad-ass opening riffs ever created. And when the song kicks into to overdrive, it retains that brutal heaviness and unfathomable groove. David Vincent’s lyrics and vocals just ooze of hatred and seething evil, which is what Morbid Angel did better than anybody back in the day.

Every song on Blessed Are the Sick is near perfection but “Day of Suffering” stands tall above them all. It’s an instant chaos creator when played live and every time it’s played, the stereo is cranked to 11. It’s hard to imagine this song has been out for over two decades, but it’s never come close to losing any of its luster or bite over the years. It’s the perfect blend of slow, crushing brutality and hyper speed encapsulated by blast beats and double bass.

What makes the song stand out even more is that it sits in the middle of the album, waiting to be unleashed. It bleeds perfectly from “Doomsday Celebration” and then segues hauntingly into the title track. It’s nearly impossible to find albums better than Blessed Are the Sick (there are only two), and there isn’t a song on the album that tops “Day of Suffering.”


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