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Chaosweaver - Mirrors Paradise

By: David E. Gehlke

Blistering.com: Visuals are obviously a big part of what you do. Can you best describe the visual approach you are looking to garner?

Our costumes and masks are not a product of a group of marketing strategists. They are simply extensions of our personalities. Everything we do is highly visual and every element feeds of one another: the music, the lyrics, the album artwork, the promo pics, the live show, the videos and so on. Chaosweaver is an artistic entity. In my mind, we look like our music - kind of classy but twisted and a wee bit "out there."

Blistering.com: The album’s artwork from Tiamat’s Johan Edlund is very unique and leaves a lot to the imagination. Did you give him any direction when he was composing?

I sent him the album along with the lyrics and a short description of the concept of the album. I had seen the painting we ended up choosing beforehand, and thought it would be perfect for it. You know, the viewers see what they want to see - or what their previous experiences and imagination forces them to see. Nightmare to some, revelation to others. So, as it turned out, we picked that one with fireworks blasting in our brains, and Johan didn't need to paint a new one. There are no words for how much respect I have towards him as an artist, musician, songwriter and a human being. He's such a nice, generous and down-to-earth kind of a guy.

Blistering.com: The video for “Maelstrom of Black Light” has an elaborate sci-fi feel to it. How does it encapsulate what the song is about?

The video is written and directed by a very good friend of ours, Sami Jämsen. He has a strong background in not only music videos, but advertising and TV commercials as well. He is also a huge sci-fi geek, and tends to go over the top with his megalomania - as do we. So in this case, we pretty much gave him free hands, because we trusted him and his vision 100%. Sami told me that he pretty much got the idea from the lyrical line "bioscum of the multiverse" (which is us in the video), and graphic visuals started molding inside his head. After the job was done, he wrote this on his Facebook: "I just directed a movie about 4 insane asylum convicts that escape a maximum security space prison and start a chain reaction that causes the destruction of a whole solar system". So, his megalomania matches ours, ha-ha...

The video doesn't tell the tale of the lyrics as such, but is inspired by bits and pieces from here. For example the vortex which sucks everything inside it at the end of the clip is inspired by the first part of the chorus (and the name of the song): "Shadow kills the light /And everything in sight swirls/Spirals in the unknown."

Blistering.com: What is your fascination with science fiction and better yet, are you big movie buffs?

Yes, and I always use intertextuality in my lyrics. On this album, the lyrics were based on theoretical physics and science fiction. I dove quite deep in to the world of superstring theories and the concept of multi-verses when I was doing research for the texts. I wanted to combine actual theoretical physics with Finnish mythology and fiction from my own mind, so this time a lot of influences came from science books.

When we are composing, we try to create certain moods or atmospheres, which can be found in movies. For example "Wings of Chaos" is inspired atmospherically by Pan's Labyrinth, and there are minor references to Matrix in "Infected." "Ragnarök Sunset" owes a lot to Twin Peaks. Well, there are always Twin Peaks influences in everything I do artistically. Always.

Blistering.com: Are there any plans for live shows upon the album’s release?

Nothing has been set in stone yet, but we certainly have been discussing the possibility a lot. We have done only two shows so far, even though we've gotten a bunch of offers. The production must be quite flashy to pull it off on stage. You can't play music as big and theatrical as this in a tiny pizzeria... But as for me personally, I'd love to tour Europe and the States. Hope it happens.

Blistering.com: Finally, what’s on the agenda for the rest of 2012?

Doing a lot of press, rebuilding our website, possible live shows and writing new tunes. We are constantly writing different kinds of music, only a tiny part of which end up Chaosweaver albums. Each of us has a lot of side projects, and most of them are just for our own amusement and "therapy." It is natural for us to relieve stress by making music with absolutely no pressure. Writing such detailed and massive stuff as Chaosweaver is really challenging and time-consuming, so it's fun to just mess around with other kinds of stuff too. The bottom line is that we love making music: it is our true calling, which we must answer to.

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