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Ancient VVisdom Ė Down On the Chain Gang

By: David E. Gehlke

Blistering.com: Then theyíre mad because how dare you interrupt them using their phone while theyíre at your show.

People watch the show through their phones.

Blistering.com: Oh yeah, I see people spending more time on their phones than watching the show.

Itís pretty crazy how big peopleís cell phones mean to them. Itís a much more personal experience without it than weíre your drifting off in phone-land. I didnít have a cell phone until about two weeks ago. I had all of these gigs coming up, so I figured Iíd get one.

Blistering.com: As for the new album, one of the best parts of it is the tonality of your vocals that lend to these great melodic sections, like on ďThe Opposition.Ē What does it usually take to bring out this side in you?

It starts with one thought, actually. Itís really natural for me, I just come up with one line and build from it. I can put a huge melody to it and it starts from there. I think for songwriting, you have to let the song write itself for you to a certain degree. If you try to control it, you have to let it go. Thatís one of the things we do Ė when we record, we try out different sounds and just let it happen.

Blistering.com: If you listen really closely to the album, thereís such a natural feel to it, like youíre actually there in the room.

The way we recorded it was weird. We recorded with in an analog way, but with digital equipment. Iím thinking weíre going to do an analog recording for the next one we do. We put drums last, just to mess as much as we can with the drum sound. There was some bamboo lying around the studio and some stuff in the parking lot, so we got that primal thing going on [laughs].

Blistering.com: So are you always pumping out material?

Well, Iíve had a lot of songs written that Iíve had to backtrack through my mind to get [laughs]. I got a title, then lyricsÖitís all in my head. I donít write too much down, but in the studio, I have to figure out what I need to say. I like to write all the time, I just keep playing and itís often when Iím inspired. If Iím walking down the road, Iíll let my mind come up with something, or Iíll see something that inspires me. You canít write something without being inspired. You canít force your will upon that.

Blistering.com: It sounds like at this point, you can go in any direction you want. That must be a nice option to have.

Everything is open to our interpretation; whatever we want to do. Whatever is around us, we run with it. We see where can take it.

Blistering.com: To some degree, you fall in with the current wave of occult rock bands like Ghost and The Devilís Blood. Are you comfortable with this?

Yeah, those are great bands. I like the content, it seems be recurring in this style. It went away a couple of years ago, but thereís always been occult bands like Christian Death, Bauhaus, so for me, thereís some good bands that are underground, whether theyíre industrial or just occult-oriented. Seeing it take flight is pretty cool. I think the fact they preach being an individual no matter what you do is cool. The trend is always for people to be a follower, but Iíd rather not follow anyone. Itís just the way people give to labels to everything, but I enjoy those bands. I think thereís a lot of good music being discovered because of that, and content-wise. It sure beats music that has no substance.



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