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Blistering Song of the Day: Absu's "She Cries the Quiet Lake"

By: Mike Sloan

Absu – “She Cries the Quiet Lake”
From 2001’s Tara (Osmose Productions)

2001 was a great year for metal. There were plenty of solid albums that popped up all over the place that year, but nothing released from any band even came close to touching what the mighty Absu created on their monumental Tara. Easily their finest record to date and one that they’ll probably never be able to top, every single element of Tara is sheer perfection. However, there is one song here that topples everything else on the record: “She Cries the Quiet Lake.”

The song is the extremely scarce creation in metal that is equally savage as it is technical, as unbelievably catchy as it is insane, as hook-laden as it is crushing; it’s as well-constructed a song as there ever has been. And nothing matches how unbelievable and violently precise Proscriptor’s drumming performance is on this record, most notably this song.

What makes “She Cries the Quiet Lake” soar into the nether regions of the annals of metal history is when Absu slows things down just enough at about the 1:40 mark. The hell storm seamlessly molts into what is hands down one of the catchiest, grooviest riffs in the history of music. Everything works so well during this part of the song until the end that no matter how many times I almost break my neck thrashing to it or injure my wrists trying to air guitar the final two-and-a-half minutes, it still amazes me.


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