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Blistering Song of the Day: Metal Church's "Metal Church"

By: Matt Coe

Metal Church – “Metal Church”
From 1984’s Metal Church (Elektra)

The swirling winds, the slow, persistent dark rhythms, the furious drum interchanges, and a one-of-a-kind vocal performance from the late David Wayne - it can only be the song “Metal Church” from the debut album from Seattle’s Metal Church. I’m sure everyone in the know is aware of guitarist Kurdt Vanderhoof’s teenage development years in the Bay Area, which only fueled his desire to get Metal Church on the worldwide map.

It was really tough for me to pick one particular song from this album, for the first four songs on side one equal in brilliance and potency to these ears. This release also helped put the knob twisting and sonic skills of producer Terry Date (Pantera) on the map. He was one of the first to understand how to capture a live sound for metal bands in the studio. Bow down to the heaviness!


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