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Blistering Song of the Day: No-Man's "Taste My Dream"

By: Justin Donnelly

No-Man – “Taste My Dream”
From 1996’s Wild Opera (3rd. Stone Ltd.)

I purchased a copy of Storm Corrosion’s self titled debut the other day, and it reinforced to me once again, what a diverse and talented artist Steven Wilson is. I’m a huge fan of all of Steven Wilson’s varied projects (Porcupine Tree, solo albums, Blackfield and even Bass Communion to a certain degree), but if there’s one project that gets more spins than any other on my stereo these days it’s No-Man – his long running collaboration with vocalist Tim Bowness.

A couple of years ago I bought the remastered/expanded edition of Wild Opera, and was blown away with how different it was to some of the duo’s other efforts. No-Man’s music has always been a little hard to categorise, but at a push, I would call it avant-garde pop with a dark undertone. And while all their albums are obscure classic gems in their own right, I have a soft spot for Wild Opera, primarily because of its jazz influences. Although it’s far from a clear indication of what to expect from the album, “Taste My Dream” is a particular favourite of mine from the album.

Call it the perfect chill out track if you will – albeit with a decidedly darker undertone than most.


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