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Blistering Song of the Day: Chastain's "Ruler of the Wasteland"

By: Matt Coe

Opening with a neo-classical shredding guitar run, this traditional power metal act featured virtuoso David T. Chastain, as well as the surprisingly heavy female vocals from Leather Leone. Many of my friends in high school struggled to believe that this wasn’t a male screaming these lyrics, but promo photos would prove them wrong (you see, this was pre-advent of YouTube videos). During this time period it seemed like a new Chastain or CJSS album came out every six months, back in a time where so many songwriting ideas poured forth from Mr. Chastain’s mind.

Fierce, head banging, and makes you break out the air guitar licks in any ardent metal head…one of my favorite title tracks of all time.


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