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Blistering Song of the Day: Nekrogoblikonís "Bears"

By: Sara Heitman

Nekrogoblikon - "Bears"
From 2011ís Stench (self-released)

Since 2006, Nekrogoblikon have enchanted the hearts of many goblin music lovers in the Los Angeles area of Southern California with their symphonic folk style death metal. "Bears" captures the essence of the album, and is a perfect prototype to show the band's unique direction. Both a personal and fan favorite, "Bears" is the second track of Nekrogoblikon's 2011 full-length album, Stench.

I dare you not to crack a smile when you listen to this song and hear the lyrics. "Bears" is energetic, fun, and humorous. It is also entertaining to experience live, especially after a few beers. The lyrics colorfully describe bears' aggressive behavior, as well as what one should do in the presence of a bear, so as to not be eaten. "Bears! Standing tall in the woods, they'll bite off your face if you're up to no good." Enjoy!


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