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Blistering Song of the Day: Accept's "The Abyss"

By: Delia Tugui

Accept – ”The Abyss”
From Blood Of The Nations (Nuclear Blast)

The departure of Udo Dirkschneider, didn’t mean the end of Accept and Blood Of The Nations is the best proof for this. I love this album and throughout all the songs, “The Abyss” is certainly my favorite. This song is pure heavy metal, raw and very deep in the same time. “The Abyss” starts with a crazy, heavy riff followed by Mark Tornillo’s screaming, which shows that he did not simply replace Udo, he has his own unique voice, blending perfectly with the band’s style. I’m convinced that Tornillo’s vocals will amaze most of the skeptical diehard fans during this song.

The power chords are switched effortlessly to clean guitars, while Tornillo is dueling with both loud and soft vocals, adding a lot of depth to the track’s sound. I love how the “quiet” parts become gradually explosive and catch the listener’s attention through the focused instrumental arrangement and the wise lyrics. The chorus is very powerful, saying that the “World is burning and turning inside out,” and the heavy vocals completed by the orchestration make it very easy to visualize those lyrics. “The Abyss” is one of the ways through which Accept announce that they’re back and still playing their own traditional heavy metal…at its highest level.


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