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Blistering Song of the Day: Ginger's "Casino Bay"

By: Justin Donnelly

Ginger Ė ďCasino BayĒ
From 2008ís Market Harbour (Round Records)

With The Wildhearts currently in hiatus, vocalist/guitarist/songwriter Ginger has decided to once again devote his attention to his on again/off again solo career. With the imminent release of his highly anticipated fourth solo effort 555% (which Iíll be reviewing as soon as it arrives in the mail!), I thought Iíd take this opportunity to plug one of the great songs from Gingerís last solo album.

ďCasino BayĒ is the first track on Gingerís third solo album Market Harbour and definitely one of my favourites. But while this one track does reveal a side to Ginger that many fans of The Wildhearts may not be aware of, itís far from a perfect example of what Gingerís produces solo-wise, as a whole. Anyone whoís familiar with Gingerís solo stuff will tell you that while The Wildhearts is all about heavy rock Ďní roll, Gingerís solo stuff covers pretty much heavy rock Ďní roll, and everything else within the music spectrum. Anyway, some of you might like it, some of you might not. Personally, I think Market Harbour is one of the most overlooked albums from 2008, and one of Gingerís strongest solo releases to date (although having lived with the advanced copy of Ď555%í for the last couple of weeks, Iím undecided as to whether Market Harbour still reigns supreme). At any rate, if youíre a fan of The Wildhearts, take my word for it Ė itís worth taking the time to check out Gingerís solo efforts as well.


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