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Smohalla – The Potential of Infinity

By: David E. Gehlke

Blistering.com: For you, is black metal supposed to be easy to digest?

I don't know what black metal is supposed to be. It can be played by corpse-painted penis with lava semen thrown on the face of pregnant panda. If it sounds interesting to me, I will listen and enjoy the ride. If Smohalla existed in the 90's, I think people would have called us dark metal. Some people use to say that black metal can only have Satanist lyrics. So what, Burzum is playing post-grunge? And black metal was created in the 60's? Even some bluesmen got Satanic lyrics before rock n roll’s creation. Ok, that's not the point. So, easy to digest, I don't know, music is not food, and Smohalla haven't Satanist lyrics.

Blistering.com: I read an interview when you spoke that you were a regular witness to “the absurdity of life.” Is this due to your surroundings or what you see on TV or through the media?

I don't watch TV, and I don't really trust any media, I'm not interested in being manipulated. Even the internet is gangrened by fake information. So I was speaking about real life, this purgatory where only the disciples of the pedogoat can really enjoy. A lot of stuff I can witness when I'm outside makes me ashamed to be human. But sometimes absurdity of life can be surprisingly good too.

Blistering.com: Per the above, then I would imagine composing music for Smohalla is the ultimate outlet for your feelings, right?

For some of these feelings, yes. But when I got erections or when I need hugs it doesn't help in anyway. Ok, these are physical consideration and Smohalla elaboration is a way to help my spiritual and ethereal bodies, not my flesh and bones, even if, because I'm all these bodies at the same time, it strongly appeases my concrete body too. I think psychic, spiritual, mental and physical fluids are working together when you're created something. It can give you so much power. Personally, I just need it, compose and listen music, without it I think I would be a human waste, just one more. And that's what I am most of the time to be honest.

Blistering.com: Any consideration to playing live at this point? I would imagine that because your music is so complex, it would be quite the difficult task…

Yes. By the way I'm not afraid about it, but I don't want people to be disappointed by what we could really be on stage. And I'm not sure this is the appropriate ambiance, this kind of dreamy stuff, who wants to listen it when you're drinking litters of beers with your friends? I don't want to spoil the aura we're delivering. I do gigs with other projects sometimes, I did the drums with Aghoris who played hardcore with strong black metal touch, Divine Irae who mixed noise and doom...and I liked it. But my real bands always stop after one or two years, it's a kind of doom. Now I'm searching people for creating a new project, but it will be something more direct, violent and noisy. Cause when I go to see a gig, I'm searching for this positive and strong energy.

Blistering.com: Has work begun on the follow-up to Resilience?

Yes. I'm just finishing the mix of three new songs that will be part of a split CD to come soon with Omega Centauri from UK. Great band, they just released their first full length on Duplicate records, and it starts strong. Our three new songs are maybe more violent and powerful, but still with our typical approach. Now the clouds are made of earth and are like falling here to bury us, I created these songs to have more strength and power, to always reach the surface. No resignation as you can find in Resilience, just evacuation of anger, absolution. De la colère pure pour appaiser les dieux.

Blistering.com: Finally, what’s on the agenda for the rest of 2012?

Split CD, re-release of Nova Persei in two CD’s with unreleased tracks, other musical projects like Stagnant Waters for Camille, Fixions and Hky for me, forgive the ghost that tries to break my neck when I was asleep in February, go back in Spain. What could be the best resolution but the harder would be to stop being a douchebag. Whatever, thanks for your support.



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