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Blistering Song of the Day: Powermad's "Nice Dreams"

By: Matt Coe

Powermad - "Nice Dreams"
From 1989’s Absolute Power (Reprise Records)

Rare at the time to see a speed/thrash-oriented metal band come up with such a double-edged hook between the soaring melodic vocal chorus as well as the riff and opening solo line… it just reverberates in your head space for days. Powermad simply benefited from being in Minnesota, far away from the East Coast/ West Coast metal havens. I would put this in my top five metal songs of all time - it brings a smile to my face and the desire to air guitar every single time I hear it, plus it has some killer John Macaluso drum fills towards the song's conclusion. A victim of their times (too heavy for some, not heavy enough for others), the band plans on releasing new material soon... and the long time followers wait with bated breath.


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