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Blistering Song of the Day: Bathory's "The Stallion"

By: Sara Heitman

Bathory - "The Stallion"
From 1996's Blood on Ice (Black Mark Records)

An eight-legged stallion is what the character of this timeless conceptual masterpiece, Blood on Ice, receives as an aid on his journey to battle. Blood on Ice paved the way for the future of Viking metal, as a genre, and served as a departure from Bathory’s previous black metal sound. The song's beginning riff is reminiscent to a horse's slow gallop, and the drums make your heart race with anticipation. Verses are separated by a memorable and song-identifying riff, while the lyrics contribute to form a vivid and rustic scene. An incredible guitar solo simultaneously stimulates the mind while allowing the imagery and atmosphere of the song to sink in. Although part of an epic voyage, "The Stallion" is easily a stand-alone song.


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