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70,000 Tons of Metal 2012 Review Part II

By: Dan Barkasi

Overkill on the main deck

Wrap Up

Another year, another 70,000 Tons of Metal in the books. It was just as an amazing time as the first even, if not even more so. The organizers did a wonderful job of putting on a unique festival that nobody regrets being a part of. If all goes well, I will hopefully be able to attend again next year.

For those interested, here is a rundown of all of the bands that were on the cruise, as well as the ones I saw and how many times (counting partial sets as one). It was hectic, to say the least!

Alestorm: 2
Amorphis: 2
Annihilator: 2
Atheist: 1
Candlemass: 2
Cannibal Corpse: 0
Channel Zero: 0
Children of Bodom: 1
Coroner: 1
Crowbar: 1
Dark Funeral: 1
Diamond Plate: 1
Edguy: 1
Eluveitie: 1
Exciter: 1
God Dethroned: 2
Grave Digger: 1
HammerFall: 1
In Extremo: 1
Kamelot: 2
Kataklysm: 0
Massacre: 1
Megora: 0
Moonsorrow: 1
My Dying Bride: 2
Nightwish: 0
Orphaned Land: 1
Overkill: 1
Pestilence: 0
Pretty Maids: 1
Riot: 0
Samael: 2
Sapiency: 1
Stratovarius: 1
Suffocation: 0
Tankard: 1
Therion: 1
Tristania: 1
Venom: 1
Vicious Rumors: 0
Virgin Steele: 1
Whiplash: 1

A total of 41 sets seen Ė almost half, as there were 84 shows being played, on three stages.

I managed to see 33 of the 42 bands that played. Thatís a lot of running around, but most importantly, a hell of a lot of awesome bands!

I hope everybody enjoyed this long synopsis of one personís amazing experience on one of the best metal festivals in the world. If the opportunity ever arises to go on this, if you can, do so. I know of not a single soul who has regretted it, and I doubt you will either. I mean, itís a metal fest on a boat that goes to tropical destinations! How can you go wrong?

Thanks much to Allison, Andy, and the entire 70,000 Tons of Metal crew for being so gracious with us here at Blistering. You all are amazing!

Until next time, hopefully Iíll be on a boat with a bunch of amazing bands again. And I hope that some of those bands are named Night in Gales, The Excrementory Grindfuckers, Legion of the Damned and Impious. A guy can dream, right?

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