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Exhumed Ė All Guts, No Glory, Even More Laughs Part II

By: Mike Sloan

Blistering.com: You keep mentioning the word ďkids.Ē Tonight youíre playing in a bar thatís for people 21 and older only. Obviously many of the people who buy your music are teenagers and they canít come in to see you play legally. That must bum you out that an entire chunk of your fanbase canít see you perform tonight or on any other night where you play 21 and older shows.

Oh, absolutely it does. For me, when I was the most heavily into the genre as a fan, it was from age 14-17. I couldnít buy beer legally back then so when I went to a show, all I cared about was getting t-shirts and stuff. Thatís the period where the music means so much to you, more than ever. Those are the ones that we want to play for more because it does mean so much more to them and youíre, like, reaching out to them in a way. Itís not cynical like they have disposable income so we want to target them, itís not that way at all. Thatís the age where youíre living for your music, it means so much to you and it helps you through life. At that age high school is bullshit and life is tough. Itís been that way since, well, since teenagers have been around. Iíd much rather play for kids. Iíd so rather see a bunch of 16-year-old kids having fun and stage diving than playing for a bunch of old dudes my age standing around in the back with their arms folded talking about their record collections.

Blistering.com: The old ďI used to see these guys when they only had demos and were nobodiesĒ guy.

Exactly. Iíd just hang out with my own friends if I want to see or hear that shit [laughs] because I am that guy! Iím old, Iím jaded, and Iíve seen almost all of my favorite bands a million times. I can be as bitter and jaded as I want so itís cool to play for the younger kids who donít have that preconception and they are stoked to be there.

Caley: And the other obvious thing is that the kids are way more animated as far as the crowd goes. The old guys arenít like that.

Blistering.com: Well, the older guys are smarter. They have health insurance and canít afford to miss work due to concert-related injuries.


Harvey:Shit, I donít want to go into a pit! Iíll fuck my back up and Iíd be hurting for a week! Besides, I was more of a head-banging guy anyway.

Caley: Oh, I canít do that shit. I didnít do much of it anyway back in the day. It just always seemed so dangerous.

Harvey: When youíre playing live, itís an energy exchange. Paul Baloff [Exodus] said it best when he said, ĎThatís how it works, man! You rage, we rage! You donít rageÖitís hard to rage, bro!Ē [Caley laughs almost uncontrollably] Itís true, though because when weíre onstage and the kids are going off, it gives you that extra boost of energy to deliver your best show. We try to give it our absolute best no matter what night, whether itís in front of 60 people or 400 people. It makes our jobs easier.

Caley: It also depends on the size of the stage and what we can get away with and we always do the most of what we can do with what we have to work with. We try to make people happy.

Harvey: And itís not some selfish altruistic thing, either. When I see kids stage diving and moshing and hitting each other in the face and just having fun, it makes me happy. And I donít say that to be fake like Iím just saying I want to play what you like. Iím not wearing a rubber shirt because you like it [we all laugh loudly]. I do it for real and if everybody else is having a good time, it makes everything better. Like if you invite all these people to your house for a party and nobody is having a good time even though everyone is doing what you want to do, then itís a lame party. But if everybody is having a good time and youíre doing mostly what you want to do, then itís a fun party.

Blistering.com: If you guys could tour alongside one band in history, either as support or headliner, who would it be? Whatís the dream tour?

Well, for me it would probably be Napalm Death.

Harvey: I think Napalm would be one of the best bands to support but ultimately my dream would be opening up for Metallica because itís my favorite band. Even though they exist the way they do today, it would be the cream dream tour. Realistically it wouldnít be what we could get but I think Napalm Death would be ideal. Either them or Carcass. But Iíd have to go with Napalm Death.

Caley: Carcass would be great but I think it would be a little too close to home for us [laughs].

Harvey: [laughing] yeah you and Michael Amott could exchange hair tips. Thatíd be pretty sweet.

Caley: That would be such an extreme tour. I think Napalm would be the most ideal, most insane tour for us.

Harvey: Yeah we could get really drunk every night and then corner them and tell them how great they are and theyíve influenced everything we do.

Caley: It would be so extreme and unbelievable to have us with them. It would be Napalm Death, us, and then whatever bands can fill the opening slots. That would be a dream come true.

Harvey: Me too. I know everybody says we sound too much like Carcass but I learned everything about being in a band from Napalm more than anybody else. Just in terms of their attitude and not only their music but their lyrics are intelligent and socially-conscious and they are good guys who like to have fun. Theyíll just hang around and have a few beers and make great music. Their music has formed pretty much everything we do and they introduced us to so many bands like Repulsion, Siege, Master to even bands like Swans and Killing Joke to even some of the industrial stuff. So much of what Napalm Death has done has shaped us into who we are today.

Caley: Just watching those old videos where Nick Harris was talking about all those bands. Thatís how I found out about all those bands. I wasnít even from the Bay Area where Exhumed was started and I was influenced the same way as this guy.

Harvey: When I first met Wes and Danny Walker, it was like, ďI know these dudes!Ē even though I never met them before. We were just a couple of coastal California dudes who loved Napalm Death.



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