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Cradle of Filth - Storm Before and After the Calm Part II

By: Mike Sloan

This is the second part of Mike Sloan's interview with the always-chatty Dani Filth. To read the first part, click here.

Blistering.com: Have you personally ever been in a situation where a crazy fan or fans put you in danger because they tried to hurt you physically?

Dani Filth:
Yeah, there have been a few situations like that. Iíve had to employ a security guard for ages because you can get caught unaware or suddenly being rushed unexpectedly. It can be a bit disconcerting. Iíve had a guy once jump on the stage with a knife way back in the day. We were on tour supporting Anathema in í94 when that happened. There was more recently when we were headlining a British show called Bloodstock not last year but the year before. Someone was throwing these huge candy balls. They were the size of pool balls and one narrowly missed our keyboardist and another narrowly missed this disabled kid who was watching from the side of the stage. It was awful because he was allowed there because of this competition that he won and he almost got hit. And then one hit our guitarist right in the square of his back and he had to be rushed to the hospital for a scan. That was pretty dangerous. These things were being bought on site and they could have killed someone if it hit them in the right place.

Blistering.com: Looking at these circumstances that youíve been involved with and looking back at Dimebagís murder, has Cradle and its security staff altered the way things are going to be handled from here forward?

We are much more aware of these things now, but most of our fans are good. Youíd expect them to be a little more psycho but thatís not the case. Every now and then you will get someone like that and you have to be wary. But I respect the people who come to see us because they pay good money. I never understood the people who pay money and then just come to heckle us. It just seems a bit ridiculous. Iím pretty good at giving it back to them because I can embarrass someone in the crowd really good. I can embarrass them a lot easier than they can embarrass me because I have the microphone and the big mouth. But to answer your question, yes; we always have the security and they take care of us. However, I donít like thuggish behavior and if the house security is kicking off and getting rough, we are the first to point it out because I canít stand that shit as well. There are some bully tactics with some security firms and they just donít know the rules. They just think itís a good laugh to kick people around.

Blistering.com: You always see the group of meatheads in the pit without their shirts and flexing their muscles/starting fights. Itís all the time. Is there a particular pocket in the world where itís worse than others? I can only speak about the US crowds Iíve attended in various cities, but what about the rest of the world?

France! [laughs loudly] Yes, France. Weíve had a lot of problems with security on several occasions.

Blistering.com: What about Caroline [Campbell, keyboards] or any of the other females youíve had in Cradle of Filth? Does she get extra security while on tour because, well, she is a female and idiot guys, I assume, would be an even bigger problem?

Yeah, yeah. Thatís for sure. We always make sure sheís looked after first, really. Itís one of those things, really, where you are always a bit more protective of a woman anyway.

Blistering.com: Cradle of Filth is a very productive, prolific band in terms of always creating new material and touring constantly. For you personally, is there ever a time where you just want to take a few years off and do nothing just to regroup and relax? Or is that just not a part of your genetic makeup?

Yes, sometimes I do but Iím too much of a workaholic to do that. Youíd think that when your album is finished youíd get a bit of a rest but you donít because thatís when all the press starts. And from there itís sort of this build-up to when you go out on the road again. Iím quite liking where we are at the moment. Weíve got quite a lot of projects going right now, what with the orchestral album and all. We are about four songs into the writing of the new Cradle of Filth album proper. Iíve also got my side project band, Temple of the Black Moon, and weíve pretty much finished up all the tracks. Thereís me, Rob (Caggiano) from Anthrax and John (Tempesta) from The Cult and King, who used to be in Gorgoroth and thatís pretty much finished. But despite all of these different things that weíre doing or undertaking at the moment, when Iím at home I feel quite relaxed. The pressure hasnít gotten too bad and Iím liking it at the moment. It allows the creativity to flow.

Blistering.com: I have interviewed hundreds of professional boxers and UFC fighters over the years, some of them the biggest names in history. Whatís interesting, though, is that virtually each one has told me that they always become insanely nervous before their fights. What about you and the rest of the band? Youíve been doing this for almost twenty years now but do you still get nervous before you go onstage? How are you in the moments before you take the stage?

Only with whatís stacked against us. And what I mean by that is if thereís problems with the sound. Like when you get up there and somethingís not working like it was before and the stagehands are running around trying to sort it all out. So you donít know when youíre going to get out there and if everythingís going to be just as you imagined it and that can be a real struggle. Thatís really the only time I get nervous. When things are going as it should be, which is most of the time, when out on tour and things are running smoothly, thereís no worries at all. Itís a good thrill, itís fun.

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