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Hate - March 28 & 29, 2011 - Chain Reaction, Anaheim, CA, Key Club, Hollywood, CA

By: Sara Heitman

The timing of Hate's return to the U.S. in support of their latest album, Erebos, couldn't have been better. Only a few days after returning to Poland from their United States tour last year with Hypocrisy, they entered the studio to record this album, and now here we are. It seems that the band is finally earning the recognition that they deserve; they put on a fantastic show!

Have you ever enjoyed a concert so much that you wish you could experience it all over again the next day (and the next)? This is how I felt after hitting the fresh air outside of Chain Reaction's doors last week in Anaheim, CA. My fellow Hate show companions and I have been anticipating this event since the album's release, and the show was over way too fast. I didn't get enough HATE! So, I decided to follow the band to the next installment of their tour in Hollywood, CA the following day. Two different venues providing one great experience...filled with pure Hate.

For a Monday evening, during Spring Break, Chain Reaction was surprisingly calm and the crowd lacking enthusiasm. The vocalist of opening act Lecherous Nocturne observed this to be due to the venue's lack of alcoholic beverage service. The dismal response from the audience did not phase this technical brutal death metal band from South Carolina, however. They are extremely talented musicians who play brutally heavy and technical metal. I am now curious to hear recordings of their songs, as the overwhelming strength of the instruments combined, in the live setting, came off sounding a bit like noise - but it is impressive noise! To quote a comment about the bassist: “I didn't know anyone could think that fast, let alone play that fast!”

Next on the bill was Abigail Williams. It took a few songs to get the audience warmed up, and then A.W. played “Infernal Divide,” an easily distinguishable song (and personal favorite) from their latest release In the Absence of Light.

Finally, Hate invaded the stage demanding interaction from the audience. No pussies allowed. They blazed through a brutal set list of songs from their last three albums Anaclasis, Morphosis, and Erebos. Despite being nearly three weeks into their tour of close to non-stop shows, these Polish musicians were brimming with energy and exhilaration. They continued to bring the same amount of enthusiasm to the following show in Hollywood. The Sunset Strip in Hollywood has such a unique energy of its own, not to mention the difference in audience participation when alcohol is involved. With all of these elements combined, we experienced another excellent show, and my taste for Hate was finally satisfied. However, it was not satisfied to the point that I would not see them perform again when they return with Sepultura and Nevermore in only a few weeks. Stand back and get ready for more Hate!


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