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Ana Kefr - September 4, 2010 - Whiskey A Go-Go, Hollywood, CA

By: Sara Heitman

A Saturday night in Hollywood is always exciting, but a holiday weekend Saturday night is like one giant party. The night wouldn't be complete without drunken drama on a street corner or witnessing someone stumbling towards the windshield of an oncoming car! Tonight, Ana Kefr played at the Whisky A Go-Go, and people were lined up at the door to get in.

Downefall was the first band to play. There is always a certain level of admiration for the band that has the first slot of a show. It cannot be easy to be the ones who kick-off the evening and especially if tickets are still being checked at the door! Audience members hardly had a chance to allow their pupils to adjust to the darkly lit room and get used to the fact that they were now in one of the most historic venues in Hollywood- where some of the greats have once played. Downefall did not seem threatened by their situation and managed to stir up a fair-sized moshpit. They are a five-piece metal band from the bay area of Northern California. If you like bands like Avenged Sevenfold and Trivium, chances are, you will like what Downefall has to offer. In fact, they performed an A7X cover flawlessly, and had the audience singing along!

Gaining the privilege of backstage access to speak with the bands before and after their performances, Blistering approached Brendan and Kyle, the guitarists of Ana Kefr, and asked them what their thoughts were in anticipation for the show. Brendan stated that waiting to play is "like waiting for Christmas when you are a little kid." Kyle mentioned that the set for the evening's show is "fucking tasty." Interesting fellows! The air thickened with anticipation.

Pieces of Teeth, a metal quartet from Oceanside, California, have an amazing drummer and they also managed to get a moshpit moving after a little audience encouragement. While their sound consists of what one might typically expect from a metal show, the last song on their set had all heads bobbing. InSilence, the main support act of the night, have played at this location before, and if memory serves, have a decent following. During the performance, the members put forth abundant energy and enthusiasm.However, it is clear who the star of the night's show is: Ana Kefr. Before InSilence could even finish clearing their gear, a noticeably large crowd had piled in front of the stage. The crowd was strangely diverse, consisting of a balance of women, men, and all ages. Then, a tempestuous march unexpectedly exploded into "Tonight We Watch the Children Fucking Burn," and the show has begun.

Rhiis Lopez looked intensely intimidating on the stage with his boot propped up on a PA, talking down to the audience. Each song smoothly flowed into the next, and a long-time fan could detect slight variations from the recorded versions of each song. They even incorporated a saxophone into the beginning of "Avenue of the Queen!" Rhiis delivered part of "The Day that Guilt Turned White" with an amplified megaphone, and the bass player, Fonzy, signaled the queue to mosh by swirling his guitar neck around in the air. Ana Kefr also provided their fans with a special treat by playing "Truthless" live for the first time in over a year, and it was apparent that the crowd already knew the words because they were all singing!

After a brief introduction, there was an opportunity for the audience to take a break and simply listen while Ana Kefr played an emotional song called, "The Orchid." Rhiis leaned down to sing a few of the lines to an audience member. It was also noticeable that Shane, on the drums, has excellent timing and outstanding delivery. The final song for the night was "Avenue of the Queen," and everyone was more energetic than ever! At the end, the house lights went on, but the audience insisted on an encore. Alas, it was over.

Saturday, September 4th, was a glorious night to be in Hollywood. Some drunkards may not even remember, but there are many who will never forget. After the guys had a chance to catch their breath, Blistering caught Rhiis on his way out, and asked for his thoughts on the show. He said, "This may have been the last performance in support of Volume 1, and what a show it was! But if you thought that was intense, you ain't seen nothing yet."


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