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Sister Sin - True Sound of the Underground (Victory Records)

By: David E. Gehlke

[8/10] You look at a band like Sister Sin and think, “My God, this is going to suck.” Usually such bands do, especially if they’re trying to re-create the 80’s and have a fancy looking gal on the mic. The Swedes...don’t suck; in fact, True Sound of the Underground is quite the formidable release, falling somewhere between a nastier Doro and less drug-addled Motley Crue, without a trace of wimpiness. There’s no fucking around on these 11 songs, which again, is a surprise. All things considered.

Singer Liv is easily the best thing the band has going. She’s got a feisty, biting vocal tone to her that has plenty of attitude. And it’s hardly faux, letting it rip on “Better Than Them” and a strong cover of UDO’s “24/7,” which is interesting ‘cause said song isn’t very old. Roll out any cliché you want with her – she is very convincing, putting more well-known female sirens (Maria Brink In This Moment, Otep, etc.) to shame. And yeah, this scribe would take her home to meet his mom.

Not as much 80’s-styled metal going on here as anticipated, as Sister Sin keeps things in the very hard, hard rock realm, with a punk rock edge. The bulk of the songs are simple and effective, occasionally cheesy (see: “I Stand Alone,” “The Devil I Know”), but don’t get bogged down. Additional highlights include the very Doro-like “Heading For Hell” and made-for-fist-pumping “Nailbiter.”

How anyone in and around the metal or hard rock scene can’t like this is beyond me. Nothing here would rub anyone the wrong way, Liv is easy on the eyes, and sure, the songs are dumb as a box of rocks, but are contagious. It’s like the AC/DC syndrome, but let’s not put Sister Sin in that category yet. Rather, we know who we’re taking in a bar fight and we know what female-fronted rock/metal band we’re going to champion from this point forward. Sorry, Otep. Not really.


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