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Mondo Generator - Dog Food (Impedance Records)

By: Justin Donnelly

[7/10] Having only released his first genuine solo album a mere six months ago (Death Acoustic), Nick Oliveri proves to be the sort of musician that does not stand idle for too long, with his long running outfit Mondo Generator due to release their fourth full-length effort Time To Destroy in the coming months.

In the lead up to Time To Destroy, Mondo Generator have put together a new EP entitled Dog Food, with the title track (which is an Iggy Pop cover from his 1980 Soldier album) serving as the group’s first single, of which interestingly enough, also accompanies the promotional trailer for Judd L. Tilyard’s upcoming short movie Frame 137.

Not all that surprising is to find that Oliveri (lead vocals and guitars) has enlisted an all-star cast to help out on Dog Food, with vocalist Michele Madden (Tourettes), lead guitarist The Fresh Prince Of Darkness (The Dwarves), bassist Happy Tom (Turbonegro’s Thomas Seltzer) and drummer Dave Grohl (Nirvana, Foo Fighters, Them Crooked Vultures) fleshing out Oliveri’s new-look Mondo Generator.

The song itself, while remaining fairly true to the original, is a perfect fit for Oliveri’s extroverted persona, with his screamed vocals adding a familiar intensity to the band’s rocking soundtrack. Following next are a couple of Oliveri originals (“Smashed Apart” and “This Isn’t Love”), both of which appear in semi-acoustic form. Both are definitely worthy Oliveri compositions, and delivered in his trademark chaotic fashion. Hopefully both will appear on the band’s upcoming album in some new shape or form. Rounding up the E.P. is a collection of acoustic covers recorded live in Main Street Studios for their The Main Street Sessions project.

Much like Death Acoustic, the collection of songs are quite eclectic and varied, with Kyuss’ “Green Machine” and Turbonegro’s “Dungaree High” standing out as obvious classic choices that will be familiar to most, and therefore hold the most appeal.

But having said that, Oliveri’s exploding rendition of Ramones’ “Endless Vacation,” Roky Erikson And the Aliens’ “Bloody Hammer” and Trash Talk’s “Pushed Aside” are as good, if a little on the rough and ready side of things delivery wise.

Overall, Mondo Generator has offered up plenty of value on their new EP. And given the strength of the lead single Dog Food, they’ve certainly made this reviewer all that much more excited about the eventual release of Time To Destroy.


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