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Anger Management - February 5, 2010 - Fibber McGee's, Dublin, IRE

By: Ken McGrath

What’s that you say? Anger Management in Fibber McGee’s? No, thankfully not the Limp Bizkit/Eminem joint headlining massive super tour, but a new(ish) bunch of bruisers over from England for the week to wreck havoc through some of Ireland’s dingiest, dirtiest and best rock dives. Tonight could have done with some of those audience numbers though.

By Any Means, down from Belfast, bring their own hardcore stylings to the mediocre Friday night crowd, but refuse to let that stop them as they stomp their own tattoo on the stage. Bringing to mind Nora in parts, the best bits are also the most obvious ones where they bring the familiar metalcore stomp and the beatdowns come out to play. There’s not too many of them, but they connect most on first listen and in the live setting that’s what you want, especially when you’re unfamiliar with a band.

Unfortunately, there’s no one around to watch them which has got to be disheartening, doesn’t stop them pulling out all the stops and firing on all cylinders though. You’ve got to wonder how much better it would be with a heaving pit of enraged bodies in front to them to throw mosh-fodder to.

Things don’t go much better for Anger Management. Not a million miles from Pantera in terms of style they slip their mix of modern and old school metal into place nicely. As you’d expect from a band featuring Jammer, he of Murder1, Medulla Nocte and numerous other criminally unacknowledged bands, on the drums, this is a tight ship. Riffs come thick and cleanly, while the bass kicks a solid thump in the background and the vocals are delivered with a roar that would appeal to fans of Lamb Of God. Without an album or EP out again the material is unfamiliar but holds plenty of promise.

At the best point tonight there are maybe 13 people watching the proceedings, you’d never be able to guess from watching the band’s reaction though as they pour their all into it. Neither fashionable nor trendy it’s just straight metal delivered with conviction. Hopefully when that EP arrives it’ll entice more of the Irish metalheads out next time they come visit. Well worth keeping an ear out for.


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