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Rash Decision - January 28, 2010 - The Westgate Inn, Taunton, England

By: Tom Findlay

Places like Taunton don't get a fair share of big bands; they normally play Plymouth, Exeter or Bristol if they even hit the South West at all. So small, sweaty local gigs are the life and soul of a forsaken town, and this one was just the ticket to brush aside the winter blues.

If Rash Decision brought the aggression, 51st State brought the raw vibe, Po-lice brought the bounce – then Fatha of the Cods brought the courage. Coming across as a GCSE poetry recital with his lyrics neatly protected by plastic wallets in a fetching ring binder, a silent room had time for his words of wisdom. Kid had cojones thought - to get up in front of all those people and “read with rhythm” about subject matter beyond his years or experience – fair play.

Fusing chirpy and infectious ska and boisterous hardcore to give an incisive and entertaining show, Po-lice's music led to a pit that was both bouncy and virulent. The second band on were at a different slot than billed, but this didn't affect their resolve or the warm reception from the crowd one bit.

51st State offered drum and bass in the literal sense, a 2-piece punk outfit playing heavy material, often prone to a bit of fist-pumping and gang vocals. Punchy stuff this was, a great offset to the full sounds of the two bands either side them with guitars and contributing well the variety of the evening.

Rash Decision, the formidable foursome formation, have a metallic armour to their angry punk skeleton. This comes across well and the metal fans pick up on the energy and aggression, while it still has the spit in your face attitude of any good hardcore which punkers appreciate. The thrashy likes of “Veins” and the chant-along intro of “Railings” are all winners tonight.

The stage presence was however a little sheepish at times – these kids are lapping it up, time to be confident guys! The appreciation levels soared when RD played a cover of “Breed” by Nirvana after realising there was time for one more. Entering the venue as relative strangers, RD set the pit alight, filled the Westgate with a sweaty enthusiasm all throughout the set and left with a host of new friends. RD tour hard and play hard, if they are in your neck of the woods go have a look.


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