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Nile - January 20, 2010 - Peabody's Down Under, Cleveland, OH

By: Daniel Barkasi

This writer is no stranger to pure, unadulterated death metal. The lineup of this such tour was a delight to those privy to the unending sonic punishment that this style provides. The trek from Pittsburgh to Cleveland provided to be quite the amusing and entertaining trip, with laughs abound. Would the show prove to be just as worthwhile as the craziness that ensued during the drive to? Read on to find out!

Unknown to myself, or any of those attending the show with me, Despised Icon were slated to open up the show. Previously, these guys were a very sound entry into the metalcore genre. In the last couple of years, however, they’ve severely retracted into playing boring music of a dense style and attitude of which I have no interest. A shame, really, as they used to be quite the enjoyable group. Their live performance has befallen the same fate, unfortunately – used to be appreciable, but those days are long gone. Way too many bands have gone for the image over substance deal, and Despised Icon is no exception.

Thankfully, Dreaming Dead picked up the excitement considerably. Being a band I had no familiarity with whatsoever, I was eager to hear what they had to offer. What was presented was nothing short of a cornucopia of thrashy, melodic death goodness. Fast, unrelenting and intense are all words that are befitting of the live showings of the L.A. four-piece. Their set significantly impressed, with both well-crafted songs and their ability to perfectly portray them in a live setting. A massive pleasant surprise, of which definitely warrants a purchase of their debut album in the very near future.

Krisiun followed with their streamlined and forceful offerings. These guys simply always deliver both on album and on stage, to which this show was no exception. Currently the best Brazilian band today, Krisiun portrayed a tight and all-too-short 30-minute smattering of some of their strongest material. They put the crowd into quite the frenzy, as well, with a rather large pit breaking out a multitude of times. You always get what you should expect from Krisiun – a brutally good time.

New York death metal legends Immolation were next on the bill, and they provided their trademark ferocity to extreme precision. Unfortunately, for reasons unknown, their set got cut down from 45 minutes to 30. Wish they would have been able to see the full set as was planned, but even with the shorter than anticipated showing, Immolation delivered per usual. In a genre where there are quite a few boring bands, Immolation dwells far from that moniker, absolutely owning the stage and controlling the crowd with the greatest of ease. I for one cannot wait to get my hands on their upcoming disc Majesty and Decay in a few months.

Headlining the night, the Egyptian mythology-themed powerhouse Nile brought the goods. It had been around six years since this a Nile concert has seen my shadow, mainly because they never came around where I had the ability to catch them. This performance was most certainly on par with my previous viewing of Nile, of which was a very positive experience. Bringing technical axe work, courtesy of guitarist Karl Sanders, along with the beyond brutal drum work and surreal atmosphere, Nile most certainly delivered a feverish performance. The songs played from their latest album, Those Whom the Gods Detest, worked out glowingly in a live setting. All in all, a great show from a great band.

The guys in Nile and Immolation also hung out with everybody that wanted to have a chat after the show, which was most gracious. Overall, a terrific show that was well attended and thoroughly enjoyable. Was glad to have been there!


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