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Monster Magnet - September 8, 2009 - Billboard, Melbourne, AUS

By: Sharon Brookes

The Aussie crowd going suitably bonkers for Wyndorf and co...

Having read more than my fair share of reviews about various bands lately, I will say that most of them are verbose and overly adjectival. They are so full of ‘it’ that the whole point of the review is lost in the overuse of jargon…and here I get to my point. The three bands we saw at Billboard that good night were so straight-shooting and gritty, that I wouldn’t dare ‘ponce’ around using fancy pants words to describe the experience.

We arrived to see the final song from Cockfight Shootout and were sorry that we didn’t get in earlier…they were just so good. What a brilliant job they did of getting the punters warmed-up on a chilly Tuesday night in Melbourne. Equally good were Regular John. I thought it rather interesting that the drummer had no shirt on so early in the piece. In my innocence, I believed he was just hot in a temperature sense…but no. A later examination of the photos showed he was fully naked behind that drum kit. Perhaps it was a blessing that I was totally unaware of his completely buff state because like when a huge zit sits in the middle of a person’s forehead, I would have been unable to stop staring at ‘it’ and it would have detracted from the real business of the night: their music. “Abattoir Noir” and “Easy Rider” are worth a mention for their apt titles, though all songs were equally worthy. The organizers sure know how to pick complementary support acts.

Monster Magnet…what do I say that hasn’t been said before? I’ll choose to ‘borrow’ a statement made by a good friend of mine. She said, “There are two kinds of people here tonight: those who saw Monster Magnet 10 years ago, and those who wish they did.” It was a sellout and that added much to the electric vibe of the night. The punters strained to get a glimpse of the band they hadn’t seen live for far too long. Dave Wyndorf’s comment, “You’ll swim in the sweat of a million orgies,” was about right, though it was so packed I think it was more the sweat of my neighbour’s armpit that I was swimming in.

As the first notes of “Dopes To Infinity” were plucked from the guitars, the punters roared, whistled and screamed. The hard Seattle sound set Billboard alight, MM having lost nothing in the break between tours here. We were happy to hear some older stuff (because, let’s face it, there hasn’t been a new release prior to the tour) that still has its place and relevance in this hip hop age…I was hangin’ to hear “Spacelord,” and I wasn’t disappointed; in fact I was so inspired I had to get out my old CD and put it on repeat. Maybe that proves I’m just a simpleton who hasn’t moved on in her musical tastes, but when something rocks so hard, why change?

The strippers weren’t there this time and there weren’t any truly wild antics - just the pure professionalism and talent of this band and its anti PC lyrics. No wonder they have lasted for so long in a world where music tastes change as often as the weather. If you missed this gig I hope you don’t have to wait another 10 years for a repeat performance.


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