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Kylesa - July 17, 2009 - Crawdaddy, Dublin, Ire

By: Ken McGrath

When Kylesa played the living room-sized Water Rats in London with Baroness early last year, they were deafening. The force of those two drummers working in tandem was simply immense and probably a little damaging to those in the audience not wearing ear plugs. The fact that the stone walled bunker that is Crawdaddy is probably a little smaller sends a tingle of excitement up and down the spine. Itís immediately disappointing then when Kylesaís entrance is less of a mountain shaking, well-planned explosion, the terrible sound dragging the belly clean out of their stomp. It takes a few songs before this is rectified and finally begins to match the stride of the band, but at no point throughout their seemingly brief set does it reach the primal levels of intensity that they managed in Water Rats.

Their blend of psychedelic passages, tumbling, building guitars and the heft and chug of sludge riffs coupled with the triple vocal assault and double percussion attack hits its stride perfectly during ďWhere The Horizon Unfolds.Ē When they leap into a tear away rocking riff after a lulled stoned section, it drags you with it, the room swaying in unison. Managing to hit the mark with cuts from all stops along their back catalogue, itís a surprisingly short gig that zips by, announcing that theyíre going to be finishing up soon after everything gels.

Itís an intense performance though, if maybe less deafening that would have been hoped, although the utter ravaging of the merch stand afterwards by the politely queuing boozed up, bearded sporting fans says it all. This band deserves respect, but theyíre always going to be an underground act. Kylesa exist a bit down the food chain from former tour-mates Baroness and even further down from Mastodon. While itís impossible to imagine why more fans of those bands didnít make the trek here to see them, tonight in a way itís nice to have seen something so intense in such confined quarters. A more punishing sound from the word "go" would have made it perfect, though.


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