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Lordi - November 22, 2008 - House of Blues, Chicago, IL

By: Maria Sarakatsiano

Finnish monster rockers Lordi finally return to the U.S. for their first ever headlining tour after previously touring with Type O Negative. The band’s popularity has increased immensely due to their victory at the Eurovision 2006 song contest, and have started touring much more after the contest. On this year’s headlining tour, Lordi shares the stage with old-school shock-rockers Lizzy Borden and the California avant-garde oddities, Stolen Babies.

Stolen Babies, was up first . With 9:00 PM start, the House of Blues was practically empty until hordes of Lizzy Borden and Lordi fans started to come in a little later. Unfortunately on this date of the tour, Stolen Babies didn’t seem too popular. They opened up with “Tablescrap” and continued the show with “Spill,” “Lifeless,” “Mind Your Eyes,” and “Grubbery.” They ended the show with the song that managed to wake the dead fans up- “Filistata.”

At about 9:45 PM, old-school shock rockers Lizzy Borden took the stage. It was about time that the fans got a little taste of the past before Lordi. The stage went dark and an Exorcist-themed intro played. Soon after strobe lights began to flash as Lizzy Borden (singer) came out in a grim reaper costume and started their first song, “Abnormal” from their latest album, Appointment with Death. This song definitely awakened the crowd, especially the old-school fans. Their next two songs were “Rod of Iron” and “Perfect World.” As the band started playing “Perfect World”, Lizzy came out in a black and white Kabuki-styled ‘phantom’ mask holding a skull. Towards the middle of the song, he began singing to it and later comes off the stage and lets a fan sing for a couple seconds. After the song ended, the stage went pitch-black and the band went backstage for a couple seconds. They arrive back on stage with Lizzy in a devil mask, playing their next song, “Hell is for heroes”. Their next two songs were “One of Us” and “Give em’ the Axe”. As if there wasn’t enough energy already on Lizzy Borden’s playground we like to call the ‘stage’, Lizzy put he axe up to his tongue as if he cut it in half, and sprayed the blood all over the front audience .By “blood”, I mean the totally old-school kind; strawberry sauce.

For the next song, “Me Against the World”, Lizzy busted through a huge TV. set and continued singing. The last song was “American Metal” where Lizzy had put on an American flag cape. Unfortunately, they had to tone down and there had to be an ending. However, for this band, there was no limit on the energy that they produced.

At about 11:10 PM, Lordi came on. The loose and calm yet energetic crowd bonded together tightly going closer and closer to the front by the second. Silence for about 30 seconds, and then the Intro, “S.C.G.IV”. They opened up with “Bite it like a Bulldog” from their new album, Deadache. The fans definitely gave the right about of feedback for this song and even more thanks to Lizzy Borden for warming the fans up for Lordi. Their next three songs were “Get Heavy”, “Monsters Keep Me Company”, and “Man Skin Boots”. The crowd was extremely energetic to the point where there was slight moshing to these fist-raising and yelling anthems. The next song, “Girls Go Chopping”, should have just been called the “Finland Chainsaw Massacre.” Mr. Lordi comes out in a white apron smeared in blood wearing a bloody leatherface mask and holding a chainsaw. During the middle of the song, Mr. Lordi stops singing and starts pointing the chainsaw at the audience from left to right. He does another round of pointing, yet this time only squirting water that came out from the blade’s tip to the fans. Not many fans can go to a show and expect water to come out from a chainsaw. The crowd loved it indeed.

The next two songs were “The Devil Hides Behind Her Smile” and “Would You Love A Monsterman?” After “Would You Love A Monsterman?” everyone but Awa goes backstage to cool off for about 60 seconds. Awa starts her keyboard solo, followed by playing “The Rebirth of the Countess.” It sounded like the soundtrack to a Vincent Price movie. One of best parts of the show was Awa playing. The next song was “Bringing the Balls Back to Rock”. Mr. Lordi comes on stage singing and now changed into a werewolf costume.The next two songs were “Raise Hell in Heaven” and “Deadache.” After “Deadache,” Lordi say their thank-you’s and goodbyes and walk off the stage. The crowd after 20 seconds demands an encore by yelling “LORDI! LORDI! LORDI!”. After about a minute, Lordi come back on stage wearing their first costumes (except Amen who puts on a Pharaoh’s hat) and announcing their next song, “The Devil Is a Loser.” In the middle of the song, when Mr. Lordi sings “And there were no refunds…just failing guarantees, Confess your sins, son said the preacher on TV”, Mr. Lordi starts to grow his wings, and then finishes off the song. Lordi says goodbye and walks off the stage as it went dark.

After about 40 seconds, they come back with a real encore. The song that everyone came to hear: “Hard Rock Hallelujah.” This song definitely triggered the most amount of energy from the audience. Fans left the House of Blues as energetic they were during the show, and somewhat secretly licking the strawberry ‘blood’ off their hands. A fair trade - Lordi had no pyro on this tour, so they had to use excessive amounts of strawberry blood. Gore gone tasty.


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