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Suffocation - April 27, 2008 - The White Rabbit, Plymouth, UK

By: Tom Findlay

Satisfyingly heavy Plymouth locals, Schiztome started things well turning an empty dancefloor into a four deep crowd crowned with fists and flying hair. Strong stage presence and a solid metallic output help their resolve and will be a band to watch in future.

Trigger the Bloodshed had some muffled response, but not even as many people for the prior band showed interest; clearly we knew who everyone was there to see. TTB were disappointingly…disappointing. The hype that has boiled up in the U.K. after releasing a half decent death metal album was not backed up tonight. Highlight of the set is clearly perpetual dynamic percussionist Max, who should have no problem passing his music GCSE with drumming as tight and fast as that.

Main act Suffocation were in good shape. Frank Mullen gave it some lung and the ceaseless enthusiasm of a quality frontman. Crowd interaction and banter were all well balanced. Hobbs and Marchais did their jobs well, laying down the thick quirky asphalt of Suffocation’s incursion; however the solos that normally spike thorough songs like “Liege of Inveracity” were lost in the foray.

The band were clearly happy to play in a small venue which is not at full capacity on a Sunday night, highlighting how intimate this gig was. A night purely for a handful of crazy-ass Suffocation fans with the band giving it their all nonetheless. This is a reminder how the direct impact of metal bands in a larger live environment (especially in terms of black/death grind etc.) can be diluted and dispersed amongst a crowd of nay-sayers and neutrals.

A hearty performance from the New York veterans, giving an impression of an honest band and a virtuous work ethic behind the scenes. And who will deny them their glory in the hue of classics such as “Infecting the Crypts” and tantalisingly left-to-last “Funeral Inception?”


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