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Municipal Waste - February 1st, 2008 - The White Rabbit, Plymouth, UK

By: Tom Findlay

Party crossover thrashers Municipal Waste come to the dreary shores of the British Isles again after a successful stint with Scandinavian bands The Haunted and Wolf last year. And yet again they play a date in the metal-starved southwest of England, this time in Plymouth following a riotous performance in the Bristol Academy in 2007. Brought to you by beer and bong alike, youthful (well maybe not Dave) MW are full of beans and indefatigable spirit and this is brought to the stage during live shows. Since last summer, fans have had a good chance to listen to the anthemic The Art Of Partying, and can now celebrate these classic tunes direct from the instigators themselves.

Local support Dethlehem opened things up, sounding disappointingly like the majority of entry level bands of late, but an energetic recital was visually entertaining. Second up, Youth Gone Wrong we’re a finger in the face of the current stagnant scene, with a punchy set of intense hardcore. Exhilarating stuff, however shouting ‘Lets go!’ just before the fast bit kicks in on every song is bloody annoying. Nonetheless, riveting stuff.

Toxic Holocaust, another American outfit jumping on the freight train that is the resurfacing of thrash metal over the past few years are the main support tonight. TH, from Seattle, Washington are pioneered by Joel Grind, the main man behind all the instruments and vocals (obviously with session musicians onstage) who gave a distinctly 80’s sheen to the performance; explicitly with Mr. Grind donning a mighty do that would fit in Motley Crue, as well as a Joy Division t-shirt. More subtly the music raced with a Dark Angel Darkness Descends relentlessness about the toxic thrash whirlwind. A solid set with few let-ups satisfied newcomers and hardcore fans alike, and ignited some furious pit action.

Municipal Waste arrive onstage with the opener “Deathripper," and their well-rehearsed set ensued. All the crowd faves were nailed during the blitz, as well as the obligatory beer bong challenge during new song “The Inebriator” which, funnily enough was written about this tour date tradition. MW were looking a bit pissed, but not in an inspirational way, Ryan and Dave especially, both having disappeared promptly after the encore of “Bang Over.”

As usual, the pit was whipped up a storm, people were stage diving left and right and even a few nutters were hanging off the light rigging. In fact the audience really did make it a kickass night tonight. Even oblivious event staff there to quell the manic sway of the pit got caught up in the thrash and were churned out the other side with bewildered looks on their faces. MW did have the year of their career so far in 2007 with enough coverage and gigs to make a band queasy, let’s hope 2008 is the same.


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