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Everytime I Die - October 21, 2007 - House of Blues, Cleveland, OH

By: Mike Harwat

Maylene and the Sons of Disaster opened the evening and out performed Poison the Well. Maylene had the crowd engaged from the moment they took the stage and the crowd went crazy, with both parties feeding of each other’s energy. The louder and faster Maylene played the louder and more intense the crowd responded. This was my fist exposure to Maylene’s music and I was very impressed. While they still have room to grow in terms of song writing, the band has musicianship and ability to engage the crowd that make them one of the better up and coming hardcore acts.

Poison the Well was the second act of the evening played a blistering 35-40 minute set and was very professional in their performance. They were also very mechanical in their stage presence. I did not find them engaging the crowd as much as ETID or Maylene and the Suns of Disaster. It felt like they were just at work, performing at and not for the crowd. There was a violent circle pit for the performance, with Poison more in the background providing a sound track for chaos and not inciting it. Poison The Well did not make any big mistakes and their skilled musicians, but the performance could have been more engaging.

After reviewing Every Time I Die’s (ETID) new album, The Big Dirty I was eager to see the band on their current tour. ETID is touring with Maylene and The Sons of Disaster, Poison the Well, and headliners Underoath.

For fans of ETID who feel The Big Dirty was not as heavy as Hot Damn or Gutter Phenomenon need to see the band perform their newest songs live; any doubts about the bands hardcore cred will be laid to rest. ETID’s performance at the House of Blues in Cleveland on October 21st started off with guitarist Andrew Williams launching himself off the stage and whipping the crowd into a frenzy. ETID opened their set with “No Son of Mine” off of their newest album and raged through 10-12 songs (I apologize for losing count) from the aforementioned trio of albums.

The highlights of the show, aside from Andrew’s insane stage dive were the venue shaking performances of “We’re Wolfe” and “Pigs is Pigs off of The Big Dirty and “Guitarred and Feathered” off of Gutter Phenomenon. The former representing how ETID is evolving hardcore and the latter showing they will never stray far from their roots. The performance was tight and had everything you want in hard core show, fast guitars, pounding drums, thumping bass, and powerful and engaging vocals. This was not only a show to promote their new album, it was also an engaging experience for the fans. At no point during the performance did ETID look mechanical or perform at the crowd as did Poison the Well.

The attached list is my attempt at the set ETID played. The order is not correct, as I was feverishly taking notes and I might have accidentally added or left off a song.

“No Son f Mine”
“The New Black”
“Cities and Years”
“Guitarred and Feathered”
“Pigs is Pigs”
“Bored Stiff”
“We’re Wolf”
“Kill the Music”
“Imitation is the Sincerest Form of Battery”


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