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Breed 77 - April 20, 2007 - Dublin, Ireland @ Temple Bar Music Centre

By: Ken McGrath

Poor Breed 77—you have to feel for them. They're playing to what you would struggle to call a crowd; there's about 80 people. It's actually possible to count the number of heads here. To put it simply, the Temple Bar Music Centre is just too large a venue for these guys. They’d have been much better off playing the smaller Voodoo Lounge down on the Quays. Clearly someone working on their behalf thinks they’re more popular than they are. Fair fucks to this quintet for making the best of it though.

Putting everything it has into the performance, the faces of the faithful gathered around the stage edge are alight. It’s actually encouraging to see a band acting so professionally in the face of what really should be a disaster of a show. There’s no complaining or pissing about whatsoever, just mutual respect. However, the only drawback is the fact that Breed 77 just isn't that good. Presented in a live setting with no other distractions, its songs aren't strong enough to keep the attention from wandering. The mix of traditional, ethnic flamenco with hard rock and occasionally nu-metal moments is fine, but Breed 77 is still at the level of a supporting act.

Paul Isola is a confident frontman with a superb voice that cannot be faulted at all. It's the music that he’s laying it down in front of that lacks spark. Singles "The River" and "La Ultima Hora" get the best reaction, but the band has so much second-rate material it’s no surprise that the turnout is so poor. The improvements Breed 77 has made from album to album have been impressive, but without a good armory of songs to draw weapons from, it's still firing rubber bullets while less professional bands have at least one rocket.


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