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Soulfly - January 28th 2006 - Dublin, Ireland @ Temple Bar Music Centre

By: Ken McGrath

Max Cavalera is not a man who moves things around slightly, causing a minor fuss. Max Cavalera is a man who fucks shit up. And when you give him a stage and free reign, as he has right now in Dublinís Music Centre, you can see why heís considered a legend. Between bursts of pure distorted, yet majestically simple riffery, he roars his lungs out, short dreadlocks moving in rhythm. For many here tonight itís their first time seeing the man who introduced them to the ways of heavy metal with Sepultura and one thingís for certain heís not disappointing anyone. Backed by band that are tighter than a car in a condom he works his way through an immense back catalogue, hitting highlights from both the Soulfly and Sepultura years. Bleed is greeted with a bellow of approval from those worshipping at the front of the stage, Back To The Primitive, Arise Again and Prophecy all lifting more bodies form the floor but once the now classic riff for Roots Bloody Roots explodes from out of the speakers not a body remains stationary. Limbs are thrown with abandon, heads are banged relentlessly and everywhere people are chanting and smiling as if theyíre witnessing the second coming of Christ. The tribal gag that make Soulfly really unique is trundled out during Bring It when current six-stringer and ex-Ill Nino guitarist Marco Rizzo straps on a double necked guitar (acoustic on the top and electric on the bottom) to indulge in a little flamenco. The final rush of Eye For An Eye is when the shit really gets fucked up though. The huge bounce riff kicks in and the roof of the Music Centre suddenly seems to be very low indeed. Say whatever you want about Soulfly but you can never deny that theyíre not a great live band. All thatís left to do now is nurse the tired legs. [END]

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