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Nile, Incantation, Condemned - September 4th, 2005 - Dublin, Ireland @ Temple Bar Music Centre

By: Ken McGrath

Despite the fact that they’ve got little individual going on in their sound Irish headbangers Condemned are really setting the right mood in the Music Centre tonight. Supporting Nile is a pretty big deal and they’re doing their best to win over a few new fans. Spastic guitar solos, frantic vocals and a combination of fast and slow tempos, mixed with a good sense of songwriting and a strong stage presence results in more than a few raised drinks from the crowd. The three boys (vocals, guitar and bass) at the front of the stage may look uncannily like lampshades blowing in the wind but by Christ can they play a bit of metal. Veteran metalheads Incantation are thoroughly boring however. Standing watching them churn out their generic, poorly crafted, spiky metal all you can do is wonder what it is that they’re offering the metal community these days. A trip outside for a cigarette follows. Sometimes having a smoking ban in Ireland is a good thing, it means you have an excuse to not watch shit like this. Nile on the other hand promise so much and for most of the set actually deliver. It would be easy to criticise and say that it’s only two members of Nile and two other guys but they still rock it up. The Egyptian element, rather disappointingly, seems to be taking more of a backseat. The samples and obscure sounds are running through the PA but remain well underneath the pummelling force issued forth by Nile. The absolutely massive sounding ‘Black Seeds Of Vengeance’ has the slaves punching the air with barely concealed delight, but it’s not all as engaging. Never fully reaching the peak that can do and have done in the past, tonight Nile seem content to rest on a plateau just below it. [END]

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