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[Voivod]Target Earth
[Integrity]Black Heksen Rise
[Terminate]Ascending to Red Heavens
[Anger as Art]Hubris Inc.
[Erupted]In the Grip of Chaos

[Sonata Arctica]12/20/12


[Fen - "Wolf Sun" Exclusive Stream]We are now streaming "Wolf Sun," a song off Fen's forthcoming Dustwalker album. Head over to our Downloads page to check it out!

[Helloween]The 9th Deris-fronted studio album and 14th in their long history, Straight out of Hell benefits from the four core songwriters who willingly offer diverse emotional dynamics from every arrangement. If you want the double bass loving, dual guitar harmonizing, happy vocal melody driven songs - “World of War” and “Far from the Stars” assuredly deliver eargasms. 1998’s Better than Raw to me, was the best Helloween album to date since the Keepers saga, but now Straight out of Hell has pushed that off its pedestal...


[01.26.13] Online Magazine BLISTERING.COM To Close, To Be Replaced By BLISTERING RICH MEDIA

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» Black Sabbath recently announced details of their reunion album, entitled 13. And your thoughts are?

I’m excited
On the fence, but I’ll check it out
I bet it will sound like an Ozzy album
No Bill Ward…won’t listen
Ozzy can’t sing, therefore I don’t care

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