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Vince Neil's Longtime Passion For Fine Wines Leads To Formation Of Wine Company

Vince Neil (photo), frontman for legendary rock group MÖTLEY CRÜE, has announced the creation of Vince Vineyards, a joint partnership with notable wine & spirits veteran, Russ Dale. The two primary partners are joined by legendary music agent Burt Stein and plan on producing and releasing a variety of fine wines, food related products and future winery project.

"Vince and I met through mutual friends and spent a great deal of time discussing food and wine, so one day I suggested that he make his own wine and he loved the idea," said Dale.

Vince Vineyards will release its first two wines this spring. The first release is a 2003 Cabernet Sauvignon, a gorgeous blend of seven different Napa Cabernets and a 2003 Sonoma Chardonnay, produced by renowned wine maker Harry Parducci. The wines are being manufactured by entrepreneur John Ott, who recently purchased Adler Fels Winery.

"We are extremely excited about this wonderful opportunity and project", says Ott. "I have enjoyed great wine for most of my life and wanted to create something other wine lovers could experience and appreciate," said Neil. "Our first two releases are both amazing wines and I can't imagine enjoying fresh seafood or grilled steak with anything else."

Vince Vineyards wines will be available in Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Nashville and New York, with national distribution to follow soon after.

Born and raised in Los Angeles, California, Neil is a music legend and lead singer of MÖTLEY CRÜE, one of the most successful rock music bands in history. His music career allowed him to tour the world and made him a household name among rock music fans. Neil currently resides in Las Vegas with his wife Lia.

Born in Buffalo New York, Dale is well known in the wine & spirits industry as an innovator and entrepreneur. He began his career in the wine business almost 20 years ago in Southern California. He founded and launched two different vodka companies into multi-million dollar successes and currently resides in Northern California.

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