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By: Don Sill

If you’ve ever flipped to the Fuse network chances are you’ve seen Juliya Chernetsky. The sultry metal vixen hosts her own weekly heavy metal video show called “Uranium” while rocking leather and lace like no other.

With harsh language, daring questions and massive sex appeal, Juliya has become a sexy icon and a staple on the Fuse network. Part of her charm is her up-front fearless attitude as she mixes it up with metal’s elite and has riffed with everyone from Motorhead’s Lemmy to Lamb of God.

Riding the wave of her success Juliya will be dropping her very own clothing line called “Slave To The Metal”, as well as a compilation CD and uncensored DVD that will show many of her infamous interviews (uncut no less!). “It’s kinda like ‘Bands Gone Wild,’” says Juliya with a laugh, “It’s a lot of fun.”

Blistering.com interrupted Juliya in Brooklyn while she was shopping for air conditioning smack in the middle of a hot New York City summer day.

Blistering.com: You’ve become a metal sex Goddess for metal heads everywhere…
Juliya: Apparently. [laughs]

Blistering.com: You must get some freaky fan mail, I would imagine.
Juliya: Oh yeah, dude. [Laughs] there’s a lot of explicit, graphic stuff that we don’t post on the board, but whatever. We’ve been doing this for two years now and when it first started I just didn’t understand what the big deal was, you know. I was just looking at it from the perspective that I’ve always loved this music and I’ve always wanted to see it on television and I never was able to. I always wanted to know all about the bands and I bought all these glossy magazines and read all the information and I just wanted to provide that for the audience. I never thought there would be this weird obsession or whatever. But, whatever floats their boats, you know.

Blistering.com: That’s part of “Uranium’s” appeal is that people are tuning in to see you as well as the metal videos.
Juliya: Right on.

Blistering.com: Now that “Uranium” is a hit and you’ve become so popular amongst metal fans you must get recognized everywhere now.
Juliya: Yeah I do… it’s really cool because most of the fans are just thankful or just want to request certain music and I love it. I’m a very social person and I love hanging out and talking to everybody.

Blistering.com: It must get crazy at times.
Juliya: Sometimes it does get a little crazy, especially after a couple of drinks and somebody else had some drinks then it’s like, “oh my God!” and I’m like “shit.” It’s cool though. It gets crazy sometimes, like Ozzfest type of stuff, which gets a little ridiculous.

Blistering.com: What’s the biggest misconception that people have about you?
Juliya: Well one of them is on the side of the show and what we air. Everyone seems to think that I pick the videos but I don’t; it’s not my job, I’m not a programmer. The videos that are picked obviously have a lot to do with the bands that are interviewed, but I’m not in charge of that. I write the interviews and I work with the bands. Some kids get really pissed off and are like, “oh, why did you show that video and not that?” and I’m like, “dude, write a letter…”

Blistering.com: [Laughs] Right, exactly.
Juliya: Another misconception is that because I hang out with all these bands or whatever that there’s some kind of other relations going on and that’s never, ever happened to me. [Laughs] You don’t shit where you work, man.

Blistering.com: Would you ever date a musician?
Juliya: I am right now and the was never any rule to never date a musician, my ex was with me for nine years and he had nothing to do with the scene, but, this person I was introduced to by my best friend and he’s a really good person.

Blistering.com: Do you get hit on by a lot of these bands when you’re out there? On camera a lot of bands flirt with you, but how is it off camera?
Juliya: It’s never gotten disrespectful. The most I’ve ever gotten was a really nice complement like, “I really have a crush on you” - and stuff like that. All the bands that I worked with, especially since the show started to get a little known and they knew who I was, I get a lot of respect from them. They give me props for what I do and we always hang out; people will flirt and stuff, but every band has been very respectful to me on that level. Sometimes, on camera, it’ll be more played up then it is in real life. On camera you want to have fun and I fuck with the bands and they like to fuck with me right back as well.

Blistering.com: Ever come across any bands that were just jerks?
Juliya: There’s been a couple of bands where the attitude was a bit arrogant or whatever. Like I’ve spoken about the whole Disturbed (David Draiman) thing and I think he acted like an asshole. But, he later on explained to me that he didn’t know about the show and that he had some trouble with media and stuff like that and didn’t know from what perspective I was coming from. I mean, my first question was, “how much do your balls sweat in those leather pants every night?” I mean, that’s my sense of humor, you know what I mean?

Blistering.com: That’s funny. [Laughs]
Juliya: They just seem so serious that I though it would be a good idea to start off on a joke. But he did apologize and I totally understand. Then there was an interview with Korn where I interviewed David [Silveria] and Fieldy and they were just acting like they didn’t want to be there [as if] they were doing me a favor. But then when I interviewed Jonathan [Davis] he was awesome.

Blistering.com: I had the same experience with both of them as well.
Juliya: It’s like dude, your shitty hip-hop album sold like 800 copies - shut up!

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