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Blistering.com Exclusive: Hatesphere's Pepe Hansen Blog

By: Pepe Hansen

We'll be blunt: Hatesphere rules. As one of the handful of Euro thrash metal bands worth giving a damn about, the Danes are currently in full tour/promo mode for the new album, To the Nines, which was released in April. Luckily for us (and you), guitarist Pepe Hansen was kind enough to provide us with a monthly column detailing the band's adventures on the road. The following is the first installment... - David E. Gehlke

How and why can I be this late on a column? I mean, I have been spending the past month on the road touring Europe with my band Hatesphere supporting our new album To the Nines and I should have had nothing but time… but in the end I anyway end up with myself being incredibly late on everything! It is really true: if you have too much time, you don’t know what to use it for, even though you have tons of stuff to do. I have had the deadline for this column in my head for more than a month, I have had tons of interviews… and I still end up late. Everything has been delayed because of my time on the road…strange! Especially when you think of how we spend our time there!

Anyway, it’s always cool to be on tour – one way or the other. If something sucks, there is bound to be something else that makes it up for it. We had the tour split in two – Sic from the Faeroe Islands supported us the whole tour while we had two other support bands on each part of the tour. After having met all the bands and crews in Berlin, Germany, for the first show of the tour, we finally got to see the place we had to spend the next month or so: the tour bus!

Arriving at the venue we saw this cool, cool bus parked in front – and naturally thought that this was our bus… but we were far from right, ha ha! This turned out to be Sic’s bus, and we still had to wait for our bus to arrive. Finally, this big bus drives up to the venue and we get to see our new home. From the outside it looked quite ok, but, no, no, no. We had become a bus not suited for touring – a bus that were used to transporting old people to Spain – not for touring. A bus suited for transporting people to their skiing trips – not for touring! The bus had its bunks – naturally way too short for us tall people – but there were nothing that worked. On top of that, we had no room for luggage, so we had to use the seats, that plus the fact that there was only one table made it a bit more difficult to have just a bit of a good time in there and – god forbid – maybe even a party?! Did I mention, that the TV didn’t work, the door didn’t work and there was no power? Well, now I did, ha-ha! Funny to be part of a tour, where the first support band had a better and much cooler bus than the main act… man, did we feel stupid ;-)

But – as mentioned in the beginning – other stuff has to make up for all this bus crap. We had the nicest tour crew and the nicest bands following around. So, even though the bus wasn’t fitted for partying, we anyway managed to get things going… so naked people – on the top of the bus on the Slowenian border – and people puking in my shoes were suddenly a normal part of every night.

Now, bus drivers have to be very special to be able to drive around with 18 raging lunatics every night, but remember: don’t piss them off too much – they do have your life and 17 others’ in their hands! Our first driver was extremely friendly. He helped us out when we were too drunk – hell, he even cooked crappy food for us in the little bus kitchen, when we were hungry at three in the morning! But, but, but! Every good thing has its ending, and for the second part of the tour we got a new driver. This dude weighed over 130 kg. (European measurements, I know, ha-ha) and didn’t like us at all! On top of that he was a crappy driver!! He said he couldn’t sleep because we made too much noise – but the fact was that we hadn’t had a real party in the bus on this part of the tour yet (mainly because the bus wasn’t fitted for a party) – he was simply just to fat to fit in his bunk – so he had to sleep with the door open… and that plus the fact that he didn’t wear any earplugs made it pretty easy to wake him up! So he had a grudge on us from day one!

Now, the coolest thing he did was this: we had a bit of an argument with him – for the 20th time – and the last thing everybody heard before going to bed was this: “I will make sure that nobody in this bus gets a good nights sleep, so I will intentionally drive fucking crazy,” very comforting to know!

Anyway, the tour was cool and crazy stuff like this is the extra spice that makes it all special – and in the end funny… I guess, no good tour without some kind of crap. It would be pretty boring to come home and have nothing to exciting to tell… except about the shows – but who the hell wants to hear anything about the shows? Ha-ha…


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