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Condemned - …And That’s How I Found Them (Independent)

By: Ken McGrath

With vocals that sound like they’re the last dying cries of a man trying to scream through a mouthful of dirt, Condemned is definitely not for the faint of heart. There’s nothing fancy about this four-track EP, which is well-produced and old-school metal all the way. There’s also nothing too unique about it either. Not that there’s anything really wrong with any of these songs—they’re just lacking a little when it comes to the individuality stakes.

Fans of Cannibal Corpse, Autopsy and Extreme Noise Terror wouldn’t go too far wrong if they stuck their noses into this filthy, decomposing mess that's designed for listening to in darkened cellars and rundown sheds while cutting up bodies. Suitably gore-obsessed, everything from the song titles and the album cover (featuring Polaroids of bloody, tattered, half-buried girls) makes up for any lack of originality.

The opener, "Bits Of Her Everywhere"; the threatening, chugging "Almost Cannibal"; and the thumping "Criteria For A Massacre" all shy away from anything resembling modern metal, poking a gnarled, bloodied finger into its eye. From its right-to-left intro to the throat-popping verses, rattling drums and dirty, nasty guitar lines, "Leave Me Alone (Or I’ll Kill Again)" is the hinge on which this swings. Having survived this EP's terror, we hope " . . . And That’s How I Found Them" is paving the way for an equally demented full-length.

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