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The power of one brand collides with another; the / advertising network is born! Two sites, 350,000+ unique monthly visitors, and premium ad placement... is it any wonder that we're excited for your business?

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Whether you're looking for premium banner advertising, blanket newsletter coverage, or a custom sponsorship, & offer the visibility you need at the right cost. Our visitors are young, cutting edge, and the cornerstone of this advertising network. Thus we cater in large part to record labels, hip retailers, bands, and businesses of all sizes seeking a responsive and intelligent audience.

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Bieler Bros. Records, Century Media Records, Distort Entertainment, Dreamworks Records, Earache Records, EMI Canada, Epitaph Records, Hype Council, Koch Records, Metal Blade Records, Metal Militia, Reprise Records, Sanctuary Records, Snapper Music, Total Assault, Trustkill Records, TVT Records, Universal Music & Video Distribution, Victory Records, Warner Brothers & more.

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